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Submit your request that you want to see every week in the field of health. You can vote for your request to rank higher in the top 10. So, vote for your request or ensure that other votes are included if you want it to be included.

Submit a request

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  • 1

    Gluten-free diet

    Do a gluten-free diet for 1 week and show us what you eat.

  • 2

    Detox cure

    Show what you need for a complete detox treatment

  • 3

    Alternative detergent

    What healthy detergents do we all have?

  • 4

    Low carbohydrate diet for 1 week

    Eat as few carbohydrates as possible for 1 week

  • 5

    Fasting diet

    16 uur niet eten met Intermittent Fasting

  • 6

    Healthy Sanitary Napkin

    What types of healthy sanitary pads are there on the market?

  • 7

    More energy

    Which foods do you get more energy from?

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